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Seal-Tite plastic

Seal-Tite plastic packaging was started in 1962 by James Black. When it began it dealt primarily in flat bottom handmade tropical fish bags. The demand ramped up so quickly that within 3 years we began using automation to keep up the supply with the demand. Seal-Tite is one of the few companies in this sector that owns its entire operation from the ground up. Seal-Tite employs about one hundred people and the operation runs 24/7. We handle orders big and small from $75 all the way up to truckloads. We are also one of the only small order companies that makes its products in America. We have color additives available from translucent to opaque. All bags are custom made to order with a standard lead time of 3 weeks. Some orders are rushed 1 or 2 days if possible. Contact us today about your plastic bag and film needs.

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